Friday, August 26, 2011

The FIRM Tight Buns & Killer Thighs - Thoughts

Tight Buns & Killer Thighs is a 30 minute lower body workout lead by Kelsie Daniels. This workout came out as an add-on to the CardioWeight System. So it to features the FIRM adjustable pink hand weights.
The exercises are layered. They start with a basic move and then add on for a multi-compound move. In between the weight exercises, there are cardio burst or plyo sets for added intensity.

First group of exercises features a courtesy dip, into leg extension, into a single legged squat with a knee lift. Cardio Blast: Dip press into High Knee Runs,
Second group of exercises: Side lunges, outer thigh lift, hip rotation, rear leg lift. Cardio Blast: Hopscotch.
Third group: deadlifts, heel push, heel lift, front lunge, glute lift. Cardio Blast: Squat thrust into plank jumping jacks.
Fourth group: Plies squats, inner thigh contraction, inner thigh lift. Cardio Blast: Squat jump into side kick.

After the fourth group, you do a cool down. Then you go down to the floor for bridge work and then a final stretch.

Now, I like this workout. It flows well and the pace is great. I hadn't yet started to get annoyed with the Squat thrust burpee move.
Actually, I did this workout before I did Slim Without The Gym and Slim & Trim.
Now of the five FIRM workouts, I did this week. Four of the them had some form of the burpee move. So by the time I got to Cardio Core Fusion, I was more than annoyed that this move kept showing up.

Going back a week, this move also showed up in Boot camp: Maximum Calorie Burn, Target Toning, and Calorie Explosion. And it is not that I hate the move, I just don't like it showing up in every other workout.

Okay, back to Tight Buns & Killer Thighs. It's solid. Great way to spend 30 minutes.

3 1/2 stars

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