Sunday, October 14, 2018

Michelle Dozois Bodyfit 360 Energize Vol4 - Thoughts

Michelle Dozois's  Bodyfit 360 Energize is a 53-minute body conditioning workout inspired by dance and Pilates.  The first half of the workout is your Dance Conditioning segment. In this part of the workout, you are doing four dance combinations.  Michelle teaches the combo all at once. She has you repeat the combo with the opposite lead.  You then repeat the combo on both leads before moving on to the next combo.

The Sculpt and Release segment is about 28 minutes of the workout. This segment starts with some standing toning for the legs before moving to the floor to work the upper body. Upper body moves include push ups, planks, super mans, triceps push ups.  After the upper body is the core segment. This is followed by an extended stretch segment and then cool down.

DVD Menu
Movement Review
Full Workout
Dance Conditioning
Sculpt and Release

I wish Michelle had further chaptered this DVD. As it is, you can only select the segments that are listed in the DVD Menu.  I would have like to be able to select individual dance combos or select the individual toning segments. To get to the release part of the workout I have to fast forward through all the toning segments.

Michelle performs the workout with bare feet. There are two other cast members. One does show modifications. A mat is the only piece of equipment.

Bodyfit360 Energize - 3 & 3/4  stars

Strong by Zumba - Thoughts

Zumba Strong is a 60-minute high-intensity cardio and toning workout. The toning exercises are bodyweight only - no equipment is used. The entire workout is set to the beat of the music. Often the instructor, Ai Lee Syarief will introduce you to a move at a slower tempo and then she increases the pace at which you perform the move.
You are doing all moves at least twice through per lead.
There is a warm up and cool down. Between the warm up and cool down the workout is broken up into four quadrants. The quadrants are:

  1. Ignite
  2. Fire Up
  3. Push Your Limits
  4. Floor Play
Within each quadrant, there are tracks, Each track is a song.  Prior to the start of a track, subtitle bar appears on the left to tell you what exercises you will be performing for that track. Between each quadrant, there is a mini recharge segment that serves as your recovery. 

Along with bodyweight moves, many of the moves performed are inspired by mixed martial arts.  The choreography is easy to follow but there are several challenging moves throughout the workout. There is a progress mechanism to the right of the screen that is there to indicate where you are in the workout. Personally, I would have just preferred a countdown clock.

Along with Ai Lee, there are four other cast members, although one of the cast members is there only for a couple of the tracks. I did not understand the purpose of having her come in and out.  Ai Lee did an excellent job cuing the workout, but towards the end of the workout, she started to annoy me with her interaction with the cast members. Too many times, she was asking the cast "where they were at?", or that she "didn't hear them".
There is a modifier who showed modifications for much of the workout. The set looks like a dungeon.  The soundtrack is awesome.  Overall, I really like this workout and thought it an excellent workout.

4 & 1/2 stars

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Kelly Coffey-Meyer Sculpting Rx - Review

Sculpting Rx by Kelly Coffey-Meyer is a 30-Minutes To Fitness DVD that contain two 30-minute sculpting workouts. 

The DVD Menu
Workout 1
Workout 2
    Workout 1 & Workout 2 (60:35)
    Workout 1: One Set of All Exercises (21:44)
    Workout 2: No Cardio Core (26:57)
    Workout 1 & 2: Intervaled Body Parts (38:46)
    Cardio Core and Floor Finisher (18:45)

I did the Workout 1 & Workout 2 Premix and really I didn't care for combining the two. On their own, I think both are good sculpting workouts.  If you do the workouts separately, workout 1 clocks in at 35:55 and workout two at 30:44.

Workout 1 is a sculpting workout with the emphasis on heavy lifting.  Essentially, you are doing three circuits. Each circuit consist of two body parts and you are doing three exercises per body part for 10 reps each.  First circuit you are working biceps and legs.  Second circuit you are working back and shoulders and third circuit, you are working chest and triceps.  Equipment used:  step and three sets of dumbbells.

Workout 2 is a cardio sculpting workout that uses lighter dumbbells and compound movement. You are performing each exercise for about 45 seconds.  There are 6 circuits. Each circuit focuses on an upper body part that is generally combined with a lower body move.  In between the sculpting sets, Kelly throws in cardio drills that focus on the core.  The last circuit is core/abs base.  Equipment: light pair of dumbbells and a mat or towel.  I liked the music in workout 2 a lot.

Workout 1 - 4 & 1/4 stars
Workout 2 - 4 stars

Kelly Coffey-Meyer Step Boxing 2 - Review

StepBoxing 2 is a 30-Minutes To Fitness workout lead by Kelly Coffey-Meyer.
The DVD Menu
Workout 1
Workout 2
     Combined Workouts (48:27)
     Workout 1 with Dumbbell moves (32:20)
     Workout 2 with Dumbbell moves (29:57)
     Dumbbell Drills only (17:59)
     Cardio Drills only (14:33)
     Workout 1 without Cardio Drills (24:58)
     Workout 2 without Cardio Drills (23:10)
     Workout 1 with Dumbbell Drills instead of Cardio Drills (28:26)
     Workout 2 with Dumbbell Drills instead of Cardio Drills (26:42)
I did the Combined Workout Premix.  The workout consisted of basic boxing moves combined with basic step moves to make a step boxing combo. There were cardio drills after each of the step boxing combos.  The format was very easy to follow.  There were several high impact moves.  At times, Kelly would offer an alternative to the high impact move. 
Kelly gave precise instructions throughout. The set was clean and bright. The music was upbeat but didn't necessarily give you more energy, but overall it was okay.  If you don't have a step, there is a cast member performing the workout without step that you can follow. 

The drills are:

  • Jab Up Jab Down Jack In
  • Squat Shuffle Knee
  • Cross Knee Cross Duck
  • Scissor 3 Cross 2
  • 2 Jacks Kick Side
  • Jab Front Courtsy back

Step Boxing 2 - 3 & 3/4 stars

Monday, October 1, 2018

Monthly Rotation October 2018

October 2018
The breakdown
October 2018 will feature workouts by Kelly Coffey-Meyer, Zumba, Michelle Dozois and Tracie Long.

Most of the workouts are 30 minutes or less in length. Days where I have extra time, I planned on doing 50 to 60 minute workouts.

I may try to throw in some extra stretching after my treadmill workouts.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Jessica Smith Total Stretch - Thoughts

Jessica Smith's Total Stretch DVD contains three stretch workouts.
Deep Stretch clocks in at 30 minutes. It is a slow moving stretch that starts from the top of the body (head and neck) and ends with stretches for the bottom of the body (feet).  The workout starts standing and ends seated. Almost every part of the body is hit during this stretch workout.  Please see attached spreadsheet for the sequence of stretches.

Dynamic Stretch is 33 minutes in length.  This workout uses range of motion exercises to increase flexibility and to work on coordination and balance. The is not really a flowing workout, but a workout where you are dynamically moving in and out of an exercise for a few reps. It is about moving in a slow methodical way for several reps with the hopes of improving the elasticity of the body part you are working. I liked this workout.  It was my favorite of the three sessions.

Total Stretch clocks in at 17 minutes. It is similar to Deep Stretch (really just a shorter version) in that it methodically takes you through each stretch.  You are stretching the body in variety of positions from standing, to seated to kneeling to lying . Jessica ends the workout with her trademark spinal extensions.

The workouts are filmed outdoors. The music is really just background and Jessica is awesome as usual.

Deep Stretch - 3 & 1/2 stars
Dynamic Stretch - 4 stars
Total Stretch - 3 & 3/4 stars

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jessica Smith Feel Good Fusion - Thoughts

Jessica Smith's Feel Good Fusion is a combination of cardio, strength, Pilates, barre and yoga fitness styles.  This DVD contains two workouts.

The first workout is Fusion Strength and it is 47 minutes in length. Fusion Strength is a high rep workout that uses a light set of dumbbells. Jessica states the goal is to build strength without force.  Most of the moves in this workout requires big movements - reaching movements that aid in building endurance. For most of the workout it seems as if  you were doing some type or form of a squat whether single leg or double leg.  After the weight work, Jessica takes you through a standing abs, balance and coordination segment. The workout concludes with a stretch.

The second workout is Flow Cardio. This workout clocks in at 35 minutes and does not use weights.  Flow Cardio is a lower intensity steady state cardio workout. Jessica uses big range-of-motion leg-based movement in this workout. The moves flow from one to another. Jessica will return and repeat a move offering a slight variation as she does.  The workout concludes with an Yoga Inspired stretch.

Both workouts are set to contemporary music and is performed with bare feet. The workout is filmed outdoors with the beautiful ocean as the back drop. 

Fusion Strength - 3 & 1/2 stars
Flow Cardio - 3 & 1/4 stars