Sunday, July 1, 2018

Les Mills On-Demand BodyCombat#74

Les Mills On-Demand BodyCombat #74 clocks in at just over 53 minutes.  The presenters are Dan and Rachael.  They are joined by Erin Maw and Marlon Woods.

Track 5 Power Training 2 is floor based.  There are plank jacks, mountain climbers, and sprawls. Track 9 is also floor based. It is your core track.

This was fun. I had not done a BodyCombat workout it awhile. I like most of the music tracks and the presenters were excellent.

BC#74 - 3 & 3/4 stars

July 2018 Monthly Rotation

July 2018 Monthly Rotation

This month consists of Les Mills workouts (Body Combat and Sh'Bam), Jessica Smith and Essentrics Workouts.

The Breakdown
Sunday - Les Mills Body Combat On-Demand
Monday - Jessica Smith
Tuesday - Jessica Smith
Wednesday - Jessica Smith
Thursday - Essentrics
Friday - Les Mills Sh'Bam
Saturday - Essentics

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Simone De La Rue Body By Simone Trampoline Cardio - Thoughts

Trampoline Cardio clocks in at 59:07. Along with Simone, there are four other cast members.
The workout starts with a floor warm-up. It is the same warm-up sequence that has been in all of her workouts.

Workout Breakdown:
Floor warm up
Freestyle on the trampoline - to warm up the feet
Dance Cardio 1 - 16 Candles
Dance Cardio 2 - Hurl
Upper Body using toning band wrist weights
Dance Cardio 3 - Rave continue to use toning band
Mega Mix - Join dances 1, 2, & 3
Lower Body Strength and Stability
Sprints and Jumps

The set is a warehouse, not the same as the other workouts. This warehouse is a bit dingy.  The casts are outfitted all in white I thought that was a pretty cool look. Great soundtrack. Many of the dance routines in the workout also appear in Simone's traditional dance workout as does some of the music selections. This is a high energy fast past workout and again you are basically following along. Although as stated, some of the material has been recycled or should I say reformulated for the trampoline so the moves were easier to pick up.

Another of her DVD workouts that is NOT chaptered. 

Trampoline Cardio - 4 stars

Simone De La Rue Body By Simone Hips, Thigh and Buns - Thoughts

Simone's Hip, Thighs, and Buns workout is a 55-minute lower body focused workout.
The workout breakdown: (59:50)
Warm up
Cardio 1
Standing Leg Sequence
Standing Stability using the bbs Band
Cardio 2 - The towel
Epic leg series - floor based side 1 (optional bbs Band)
Epic leg series - floor based side 2 (optional bbs Band)
Band Cardio
Plank series - use bbs Band
Abs - use the towel
Cool down

Equipment list includes bbs band (this comes with the DVD), towel, mat,
This workout was very challenging, especially the epic leg series.  Expect lots of reps as you are working each side for about 10-minutes during that series.  A couple of the cast members do show modifications for some exercises.

The choreography in the cardio segments is really basic so you are able to just follow along.  In the toning segments, Simone does do a good job telling you what is coming next.

The set in this workout is the industrial looking warehouse with the huge windows. The soundtrack is great throughout. This workout actually clocks in just short of a full hour so it is a few minutes longer than 55 minutes.

This DVD also is not chaptered 😞.

Body By Simone Hips, Thighs, and Buns - 3 & 3/4 stars

Monday, May 21, 2018

Simone De La Rue Body By Simone Dance Cardio - Thoughts

Dance Cardio is a new DVD workout by Simone De La Rue of Body By Simone. Dance Cardio is a 55-minute workout. The basic break down of this workout is:

Warm up
Freestyle section to warm up your feet
Dance Cardio 1 - 16 Candles
Dance Cardio 2 - Airplane
Interlude - Stability and Balance
Dance Cardio 3 - Stomp
Dance Cardio 4 - Bootie Bounce
Mega Mix

During the dance segments, there is minimum cueing. Most of the cuing consist of her telling us "one more time" and "from the top". You are watching and following along with Simone and the cast.  The choreography is not that hard and she repeats the moves quite a few times so I found the moves fairly easy to pick up.  Some moves she does demonstrate at half speed before doing the sequence at full tempo.

There appear to be two sets used in the workout. For the dance routines, you are dancing in an industrial warehouse looking space with huge windows and the other set is just a white background. The latter set was used in the interlude, arms, and abs segments.  The music is decent. I like it but probably not as much as her first Dance Cardio workout.

Equipment list includes mat and a pair of  3 or 5-pound dumbbells.

I am really liking Body By Simone workouts. What I don't like is that this DVD was not chaptered at all. It is just a glorified VHS tape. The DVD was produced in 2017 so there should just not be any reason for this; and with the price point of this DVD, the workout should at least have chapter points.

Dance Cardio - 4 stars

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Simone De La Rue - The Signature Classes - Thoughts

Simone's De La Rue The Signature Classes workout DVD contains two 55 minute workouts.

DVD Menu offers the following options:
Workout 1 - Full Body
Workout 2 - Dance Cardio

Workout 1 Full Body contains the following segments (57:25)
1.  Warm up - about 3 minutes
2.  Dance Cardio Routine 1- about 3 minutes
3.  Upper Body 1 - uses a pair of 3 to 5 lbs dumbbells, ~ 5 minutes
4.  Upper Body 2 - this is floor based, pushups, dips, ~ 5 minutes
5.  Dance Cardio Routine 2 - about 3 minutes
6.  Lower Body  - table top, donkey kicks, leg lifts, hamstring pulses. -lying side outer hip, shootouts,  about 20 minutes
7.  Dance Cardio Routine 3 -  about 3 minutes
8.  Core work 1 - plank work - about 5 minutes
9.  Core work 2 - situps, lower leg lifts - about 3 minutes
10.  Cool down - stretch, about 4 minutes

Workout 2 Dance Cardio contains the following segments  (52:47)
1.  Warm up - about 3 minutes
2.  Cardio 1- an extension of the warm-up About 3 minutes
3.  Dance 1 - about 7 minutes
4.  Dance 2 - about 7 minutes
5.  Standing stabilizer - balance work, lower body squats and lunges, about 3 minutes
6.  Dance 3 - teaches new movements at 1/2 speed
7.  Dance 4 - about 6 minutes
8.  Combine all the routines - two times through
9.  Standing abs - uses 3 to 5 pounds - about 5 minutes
10. Stretch - floor and standing based, about 4 minutes.

While the DVD is chaptered, you cannot select individual segments from a menu. These are high impact workouts so expect lots of jumping in both workouts.  The warm-up contains the same moves across both workouts.  Along with Simone, there are four additional cast members.  Both workouts showed class participants demonstrating some modifications for some exercises.

Simone gives a brief intro to each segment.  The set is pretty bland (looks like warehouse space). Love the music and uptempo vibe. Great soundtrack.
Cuing - Simone does cue but quite a bit of it is "follow along". She does repeat the combo for several run-throughs so by the time she was moving on, I had picked up the move. Some moves she teaches at half speed before going at full pace.

Signature Class Full Body - 4 & 1/4 stars
Signature Class Dance Cardio - 4 stars

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Fix Extreme The Fix Challenge - Review

The Fix Challenge is a bodyweight only workout that clocks in at 28:54. There's a lot of up and down movement where you are standing and going down to the floor.

This is a layered workout.  There are a total of 13 exercises and when performed, each exercise is executed four times. For example, Autumn teaches the first move, you do it for 4 reps.  She introduces the second move, you do that for 4 reps and then before adding the third move, you go back to the top and repeat the first and second moves for 4 reps each. Then, we learn the third exercise which you do for four reps and then start at the top again repeating the pattern.

This workout builds upon itself.  There are no breaks. However,  I did feel the pace of the workout slow down a bit - probably after we incorporated the 10th exercise which would have been the lunge jumps. You are well into the workout at this point and I could appreciate her moving through the exercises a bit slower.  At the 6:54 mark you have learned all the moves and then you repeat the sequence two times.

I enjoyed this workout and it was very challenging.  This workout is probably my second favorite of the whole series.  Autumn does do this whole workout. and as I said, there are no rests but she does tell you to take a break if you want to; and you will see her grab her water bottle to take a drink but she doesn't break the flow of the workout.
Warm up is 1:35. Cooldown is 2:21.

The Fix Challenge - 4 stars