Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jessica Smith Walk Strong Disc 2 Cardio Cross Train - Thought

Disc 2 of Jessica Smith's Walk Strong 3 8-Week Program is Cardio Cross Train.
This DVD has three workouts.
  • Cardio Step Jam
  • Boogie I.T.
  • Cardio Hit!
Cardio Step Jam uses a mini/high step.  This is optional.  This workout is essentially a steady state workout. If you use the step, that will increase the intensity.  Jessica takes you through various patterns up, over and around the step.  The moves are a cross between dance and athletic.
The choreography is simple and very easy to follow.  There is some single leg work and a little bit of plyo work.

Boogie I.T.(Interval Training) is your higher intensity workout and contains many level changes throughout the workout.  You are walking and/or jogging in parts of the workout  There are coordination style drills and there is a mixture of athletic and dance style moves.  There are intervals where you take  it up a notch. The intervals are:
  • Knee to Elbow Hops
  • Skater Skiers
  • 180 degree turning step sweeps
No equipment required in this workout.

Cardio HiT! is a kick box inspired workout.  This workout does have intervals and it also uses a chair.  The intervals are:
  • Skater Tap Punches
  • Jack Punches
  • Hi Lo Punch & Jump.   
The first 20 plus minutes of the workout is high-energy cardio set to a driving music beat and it is filled with punches, kicks and some drills.  The last 6 to 7 minutes, Jessica has you bring out the chair for some isolated leg work.  I really like this workout up until this point.  I wish it was pure cardio. I say that because overall  WS3 is light on cardio workouts and there is quite a bit of leg work featured in many of the other workouts.

Cardio Step Jam - 3 & 1/2 stars
Boogie I.T. - 3 & 1/2 stars
Cardio HiT! - 4 stars

Jessica Smith Walk Strong Disc 3 Sculpt - Thoughts

Disc 3 Sculpt of Jessica Smith's contains three 30-minute workouts:  Metabolic Conditioning, Cardio Interval Sculpt, and Barre Sculpt.  These workouts are mostly focused on sculpting but there is a cardio factor to each workout.

Metabolic Conditioning uses a mini-step (also called a high step), two to three set of dumbbells, a mat and a towel.  The step is optional.  In this workout, Jessica introduces each move slowly and then picks up the pace for the latter reps.
The ending stretch is just over 2 minutes.

Cardio Interval Sculpt uses a mat and dumbbells.  This workout contains 30-second cardio intervals.  Typically you are doing three compound or multi-joint exercises followed by a cardio interval.  The ending stretch in this workout is around one minute and thirty-five seconds.

Barre Sculpt uses a chair, mat, and a set of dumbbells and an optional ball.  This workout is also performed barefoot.  There are several distinct segments in this workout.  There is the ball warm up, barre segment.  standing sculpt and floor ball segment.  The majority of the exercises are compound moves.  As this is a barre style workouts, expect lots of high reps and pulsing moves.  The ending stretch is about a minute.

Metabolic Conditioning - 3  & 1/4  stars
Cardio Interval Sculpt - 3 stars
Barre Sculpt - 4 & 1/4 stars

Jessica Smith Walk Strong 3 - Introduction

Walk Strong 3 is Jessica Smith's newest iteration of the Walk Strong Program. WS3 is an 8-week program that comes on six DVDs.  The  six DVDs contains 20 workouts and a two-sided workout calendar.  Of the 20 workouts, 15 are 30 minutes in length and 5 are 15 minutes in length.  Each workout features a countdown timer and most workouts have a beginner and advance modifier. 

The workout calendar shows information on "How to use the Program".  It also shows an 8 week rotation for using the system.
There is also an Introduction: Welcome to the Program! on disc 1 that has more information on how to use the system.

Each disc has a particular focus.
Disc 1 - Foundations & Flexibility
Disc 2 - Cardio Cross Train
Disc 3 - Sculpt
Disc 4 - Strength
Disc 5 - Fusion Mix
Disc 6 - 15-Minute Mix

I will review the workouts in separate blog posts.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kelly Coffey-Meyer Build & Burn Disc 3 - Review

Disc 3 from KCM's Build & Burn offers the following DVD options:
Trim and Tone Intervals
The Intro also appears on disc 1 and disc 2 and it is a one minute and 39 seconds in length.

Trim and Tone Intervals is the workout and it clocks in at 24:35.  Kelly slows down the tempo in this workout quite a bit. You are performing most of the moves in a very control manner.  This workout alternates cardio athletic moves with weighted dumbbell moves. You are doing all moves for two sets.  Kelly does offer variation on some of the moves.

There are two premixes on this DVD:
  • Cardio Only (14:48)
  • Dumbbells Only (15:06)

Trim and Tone Intervals - 4 stars 

Kelly Coffey-Meyer Build & Burn Disc 2 - Review

Disc 2 of KCM's Build & Burn workout system features Lower Body Tabata and Kettle Bell Kickbox fusion.

Lower Body Tabata clocks in at 26:31and uses a pair of dumbbells and a band.  There are some exercises where you use your own body weight.

After the warm up, you move into the workout where you are doing each exercise for 20 seconds.   Each move is repeated for four sets.  Rest are kept to a minimum.

Kettle Bell Kick Box Fusion clocks in at 26:14.   Kelly alternates kettle bell moves with kick box moves.  All moves are performed for 30 seconds and for 2 sets. On many of the moves, prior to the move starting Kelly counts you in with a 4, 3, 2, count. Throughout the workout, Kelly offers tips and modifications you can do. There are two other cast members but no one is really showing any modifications.  Super up tempo music in this one.  You can uses a dumbbell in place of a kettle bell.

Disc 2 contains 10 premixes ranging in time from 15:15 to 34:16.

Lower Body Tabata - 3&3/4 stars
Kettle Bell Kickbox Fusion - 3 & 3/4 stars

Kelly Coffey-Meyer Build & Burn Disc 1 - Review

Disc 1 of Build & Burn features two workouts.
They are Cardio Core and Upper Body Superset.

Cardio Core clocks in at 27:39 and it features an optional step.  Kelly alternates  cardio moves with core based moves. All the core moves are functional and/or body weight exercises.  The cardio moves are athletic in nature. With each move you doing two sets of 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off.
There are two other participants. The participants show various modifications throughout.

Upper Body Supersets  contains two exercises per body part.  You are performing each move for three sets and you are doing 8 rep per set.  The workout starts with shoulders and then moves on to biceps, triceps, chest and back.  After back, Kelly takes you through 4 rounds of a 30-second burnout.  This workout clocks in at 26:20. The workout uses a bench and variety of dumbbell.

There are 8 premixes on this DVD that range in time from 14:38 to 30:13.

Cardio Core - 3 & 1/2 stars
Upper Body Superset - 3 & 1/4 stars


Kelly Coffey-Meyer Build & Burn - Introduction

Build & Burn is Kelly Coffey-Myers first workout system.  Building on her 30-Minutes To Fitness workouts, Kelly develop 5 workouts on 3 DVDs.  Each workout is less than 30 minutes. Each DVD comes with many premix options. Build & Burn also comes with a 7 day meal plan.

I really like the set for this group of workouts.  The set is clean, crisp and bright.  I also enjoyed the music in all the workouts.
I will review the workouts in a separate blog post.