Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Jari Love Get Ripped! In 6 Minutes - Thoughts

In 6 Minutes is a Jari Love Get Ripped workout. 
This is a two DVD set.
Menu Options on Disc 1
Complete Workout (1 Hour)
The Unhealthy Epidemic
Chapters  (There are 10 Chapters)

Menu Options on Disc 2
30 Minute Workout 1
30 Minute Workout 2
20 Minute Workout 1
20 Minute Workout 2
20 Minute Workout 3

The basic concept of this workout is that each track is roughly 6 minutes long. Within each track, you are doing two compound exercise movement. There is an active recovery move after each set. Jari announces the exercise grouping at the start of each track. You will complete the first exercise for 6 sets and then you move onto the next exercise in the 6 minute track for 6 sets before moving onto the next track (song) and a new exercise grouping.

Along with Jari, there are four other cast members. Jari offers modifications as she takes you through the workout.  Cast member Jill leads Chapters 8 and 9 of the workout.  See attached table for list of exercises.

Disc 2 are premixes of the chapters on Disc 1.

3 & 1/2 stars

Monday, December 10, 2018

Jari Love Get Ripped! Express

Jari Love's Get Ripped Express DVD menu offers the following options:
Complete Workout (1 hour)
30 Minute Workout 1
30 Minute Workout 2
The Science Behind Get Ripped!

The two 30 minute options are pre-design premixes of the Complete Workout. You can also select to do individual chapters. There are 13 Chapters, most of which are lead by Jari.

Chapter 1 - Warmup (warm-up uses dumbells)
Chapter 2 - Spiders and pushups (lead by Jill)
Chapter 3 - Straight Leg deadlifts with bicep curls
Chapter 4 - Wide Squats with concentration curls
Chapter 5 - Squats, side lunges with triceps extensions
Chapter 6 - Squat with horizontal rows
Chapter 7 - Squat, Reverse lunge with hammer curl
Chapter 8 - Tricep pushups, leg extensions, tricep kickback (lead by Jill)
Chapter 9 - Basic Step with Shoulder Press (lead by Sandy)
Chapter 10 - Side Squat with lateral raise
Chapter 11 - Chest Press + Chest Fly
Chapter 12 - Abdominals (lead by Sandy)
Chapter 13 - Cool down

Chapters 9, 10, and 11 use a step.  Jari performs some of the exercises in the workout. In other parts of the workout, she is coaching or offering tips.  Both premixes use the same warm up and cool down. The set is super busy and the music is on the lively side with a bit of grooviness and perhaps a bit trippy.  This is a high rep workout.  Jari and cast are taking you through several sets of multiples reps per exercise.  Jari does offer options and modifications along the way.  A solid workout.

Get Ripped Express - 3 stars

Friday, December 7, 2018

Jari Love Get Ripped 1000 #3

Get Ripped 1000 #3 is a cardio weight interval workout. The instructor for this workout is Jari Love. There are three different ways in which you can do this workout.
You can do this as a complete 60-minute workout or you can do the two pre-define premixes. One premix is focused on the weight segments and one premix is focused on the cardio segments.

In the 60-minute workout, there are twelve exercises.  Each exercise is followed by an active recovery move.  You repeat each exercise and active recovery for 4 sets or rounds before moving on to the next exercise grouping.

The workout uses a step and heavy and light dumbbells. There are bells, subtitles,  and voiceovers that indicate where you are in the workout. The set is Jari's home (she tells us she is bringing her home into our home).  Along with Jari, there are two other cast members. Cast member Jill leads the ab section.

Each of the premixes includes the warm-up and stretch. The warm-up uses dumbbells.  The weight premix also includes the abdominal section. The weight premix is around 40 minutes in length and the cardio premix is about 35 minutes.

Get Ripped #3 - 3 & 1/4 stars

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Monthly Rotation December 2018

December 2018 Monthly Rotation 

Sunday - Walking workouts with Jessica Smith and Amy Ross
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - Sculpting Workouts (Jari, Kelly, Essentrics, The Firm)
Wednesday - MMA Kickboxing with Les Mills Combat and Fit By Tracey
Saturday - Rest

Friday, November 23, 2018

Michelle Barnard Everyday Yoga Warrior - Thoughts

Everyday Yoga Warrior is a 35-minute workout that is lead by Michelle Barnard.  The workout takes you through a series of yoga poses in a slow and methodical method.  The DVD offers you the option to play the workout with music or without music.

The DVD Menu:
Play All
Scene Selection
      Warm up - 9 minutes
      Sun Salutation - 5 minutes
      Flowing warrior sequence - 9 minutes
      Floor lengthening sequence - 9 minutes
      Shavasana - 5 minutes

The glossary is a series of pictures that show the poses that you will do throughout the workout.  There are 12 glossary term.  Narration does come with each picture.
The main workout does use voice over narration and for the most part the narration is in sync with what is happening on the screen. Michelle does tell you to move at your own pace.

Also, there are many sets/scenery. Michelle is performing many iterations of the workout using different scenes (I don't think it is a green room she using). She shows the workout perform indoors and outdoors and as you progress through the poses, the scenery or set might change to an outdoor garden, or to the beach or to indoor home space or studio.

Overall I like the mood and flow of this workout.

Everyday Warrior Yoga - 3 & 3/4 stars

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Strong By Zumba 20 Min Demo - Thoughts

Bonus 20 Minute Strong By Zumba workout is a bonus workout included on the Strong by Zumba DVD.  Strong by Zumba is  High-Intensity Cardio & Tone workout that is set (choreograph) to the beat of the music.  The instructor is Ai Lee Syarief.

The 20-Minute Demo is just a brief version of the 60-minute class. It includes its own warm up and cool down. The warm up was about 2 minutes and 15 seconds in length and the cool down is around 3 minutes.

The 20-Minute Demo workout is chaptered. It also contains the Fired Up and Push Your Limits quadrants. Between the quadrants you get a recovery period.

Each segments features two additional cast members but as the workout progresses, the cast members change in and out. There is NOT a modifier for the bonus workout.

The moves are similar to the moves in the longer version of the workout.  I like the shorter version just a little bit better than the longer version.

Oh I forgot to mentioned when I reviewed the 60 minute workout, that the DVD does include 14-page Strong By Zumba guide that talks about the workout.

Bonus DEMO Workout - 5 stars

Michelle Dozois Volume 1 On the Go Workouts - Thoughts

On the Go Workouts is a DVD containing workouts featuring Michelle Dozois. Michelle takes you through six 10-minute workouts. The workouts do not come with their own warm up, however Michelle does do some brief stretching at the end of a few of the segments.

The DVD Menu:
Play All
Warm Up Guide
01 Cardio HiiT #1
02 Cardio HiiT #2
03 Upper Body Blast
04 Lower Body Blast
05 Core on the Floor
06 Flow & Release

The Warm Up Guide presents you with six different movements in the form of pictures. Michelle tells you to perform each of the moves in order for 30 seconds.  Once you feel warm, you can start any one of the workouts.
There is also a Mix it Up Guide that comes with the DVD. This guide shows you how to create premixes out of the six workouts. The mixes range in time from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

During the HiiT workouts and Upper Body Blast, you are performing each exercise for about 45 seconds and then Michelle gives you a rest. She is usually explaining the next exercise during the rest. There are bells throughout that signals when you are half way through or at the end of the exercise.

There are two other cast members besides Michelle. One cast member does show modifications.
This is an equipment free workout. You are only using your body weight and a mat. 

HiiT 2HiiT 1Lower Body BlastUpper Body BlastCore To the Floor
Lunge Back Squat Ski Side to SideHigh Knees + Wipe OutsSquat Lunge SeriesPlank Side RotationTable Top - Opposite Limb 
Wide Burpee Ski PlankPlank Walk Out into a JumpSide Lunge Curtsy SeriesOne Arm Triceps into Push UpPlank Knee Ins + Plank Rocks
Scissor for 4 Lunge  Jump TwiceScissors + side squat jumpsKneeling Single Leg Quad WorkOne legged-dog, Incline push up with alt knee to elbowElbow Plank Knee Twist
Jack Down High Knees UpBox Jogs Punch Knee PullsTable Top SeriesSuperman ReachesSide Core Crunch
Fast Feet + BurpeeSkater Hop 3 + LiftShoot OutsElbow lift into bridgeSide Plank Hip Dips
Long Jump Up & Back, + Jump RopePush up + Tuck Ins

Hands off Push upSuperman Rolls
Power Lunge 4 + Bounding LegsShuffle Run Lunge Jumps

Alternating elbow rotation into spine reach backsCrunch Series
Sit up Switch Outs4 Knees Repeater Touch Down Squat

Push Up Cannon Squat

Mountain Climber, Frog Jump PlanksDrop Push up 1/4 turn

Cardio HiiT #1 - 3 & 1/4 stars
Cardio HiiT #2 - 3 & 3/4 stars
Upper Body Blast - 3 stars
Lower Body Blast - 4 stars
Core to the Floor - 3 & 1/2 stars
Flow and Release - 4 star