Thursday, July 2, 2020

July 2020 Monthly Rotation

July 2020 Monthly Rotation

Workout Breakdown

Sunday - 3 miles on treadmill
Monday - Les Mills Pump - On Demand
Tuesday - Guillermo Gomez Kickboxing
Wednesday - Les Mills Pump - On Demand
Thursday - Kickbox workouts
Friday- Les Mills Pump - On Demand
Saturday - Rest

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Jessica Smith Barre Fitness - Thoughts

Barre Fitness with Jessica Smith contains three 20-minute barre theme workouts.
The DVD menu
Cardio Ballet
Barre Burn
Floor Barre
Play All

Jessica is the only cast member.  There is an outdoor setting for each of the workout.  All the sessions are set to up tempo music.

In Cardio Ballet, Jessica uses ballerina movements to get the heart rate up. There is a lot of pulsing and jumping.  Jessica does show various intensity levels throughout the workout so that you can work at your own intensity level.

Barre Burn is your toning barre workout. In this workout, Jessica uses a chair and a pair of light hand weights.  This is a circuit style workout in that you perform a series of moves back to back; repeat and then move on to another series of exercises which you perform back to back.

Floor Burn uses a mat and a ball. If you don't have a ball, you can use a pillow.  Jessica performs a series of move for the abs, low back, arms, and legs. 

Cardio Ballet - 3 & 3/4 stars
Barre Burn - 4 stars
Floor Barre - 3 & 1/2 stars

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sleek Technique Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Thoughts

Sleek Ballet Bootcamp has three 20-minute workouts plus a warm up and cool down. The warm up and cool down are the same segments that appear in the Barre Technique workout.
All the workouts are narrated/voice over. The voice over is done very well and the cuing is excellent.

DVD Menu
Warm Up
Ballet Bootcamp 1
Ballet Bootcamp 2
Ballet Bootcamp 3
Cool down

Ballet Bootcamp 1 is led by Flik Swan.  There is a standing part and floor part.  Some of the exercises in this workout are: Plie Tendu Series, Chasses, Plies, & Lunges, Port de bras, plank, parallel plies. Floor work include lying plies, lying leg walks, leg lifts and side planks.

Ballet Bootcamp 2 is led by Victoria Marr and Flik Swann. This workout also includes a standing segment and a floor segment. In the standing segment there is an intense arm sequence.  Also in the standing section there is a lengthy cardio arabesque knee pull series.  For the floor segment, there is a bridge series and a side clam leg lengthening segment.  I thought this workout tough but I really liked it.

Ballet Bootcamp 3 is lead by Victoria Marr. This workout is set up similarly to the other two workouts in that there are standing and floor segments.  The standing sections include plies with tendu, arm sequence and a cardio sequence that include arabesque, port de bras, piques, jumps and skaters.  For the floor work, you are doing bicycles and lying side work.  There are also stretches for the glutes and spine.

You are working out barefoot. Only piece of equipment is a mat which is only used for the floor workout.
The music is great.  I felt very motivated by it.  I also felt I was able to keep up more in these workouts than the barre workouts.

Ballet Bootcamp 1 - 3 & 1/2 stars
Ballet Bootcamp 2 - 4 stars
Ballet Bootcamp 3 - 3 & 1/2 stars

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sleek Technique: Sleek Barre Technique - Thoughts

Sleek Technique Sleek Barre Technique is a a ballet barre style workout led by Victoria Marr and Flik Swan.

The DVD Menu
Warm Up
Ballet Barre 1
Ballet Barre 2
Ballet Barre 3
Cool Down

So before we begin, I will just say these types of workouts are always challenging for me and this barre workout was no different. I like that the DVD was broken down in such a way that you could digest the material in smaller segments.

There are three barre sessions on this DVD plus a warm up and a cool down. I added the warm up and cool down to each ballet barre class and did the workouts as three separate classes over the course of the week. The warm up features both Victoria and Flik but only Victoria is in the cool down segment. With warm up and cool down, each of the workouts clocked in just above 30 minutes in length.  All three ballet barre segment use a portable ballet barre, but they tell you that you can use a chair if you do not have one.

Ballet Barre 1 starts in the seated position with spine lengthening work. You move to lying series where in the prone position you do lower back and leg extensions. Standing  work consist of toe prance and pulses and then into a plies series. Other movement include a tendu flex and circle series,
plus derriere, heel beets, port de bras, and knee pulls with.arabesque line.

Ballet Barre 2 starts with a seated lying series and then moves into a series of heal changes.  The rest of the workout:  plie in second, tendu, parallel legs, attitudes and arabesque, battement tendu, thigh stretch/barre stretch, and large attitude tendu.

Ballet Barre 3 moves performed in this workout:
Floor sequence
   Hip glute, spine twist & stretch
   Feet point and flex
   High Pyramid heel walks
Standing sequence
    Plie series
    Turn out attitude
    Battement tendu bent series
    Toe raise series attitude
    Stretch Battement series

They give pointers throughout. For example, telling you not to grip the barre. I was gripping the barre. What I found most challenging were the transitions. They were quick.   I did not feel that we were doing an over abundance of reps. I loved the soundtrack and enjoyed working out to  the music in these sessions.  Most of the time, you are working to the beat of the music.

One other thing to note is they are facing away from you (you are looking at their backs)  for several instances in the workouts. They do this when they are working the other side. However, of course I did not do this. I just move to the other side of the barre.   During these times you are not exactly mirroring them.

Ballet Barre 1 - 3 & 3/4
Ballet Barre 2 - 4 & 1/4
Ballet Barre 3 - 3 & 3/4

Monday, June 1, 2020

June 2020 Monthly Rotation

June 2020 Monthly Rotation

Combination of Barre/Ballet and Dance.
Dance will be from Core Rhythm series.
Barre will be from Sleek Technique, Jessica Smith, Jazzercise, Karen Voight and Eric Zimmer.
3 miles will be a walk/run on the treadmill.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Cathe Ab Hits - Thoughts

Ab Hits is a compilation DVD that features 12 ab workouts from older Cathe workouts.

Ab Workout #1 is from Maximum Intensity Strength. This segment clocks in at around 8 minutes. There is about 5 minutes of upper abdominal crunches, around 2 minutes of oblique crunches, and about a minute of lower crunches. This workout used a step as a prop - essentially you have your feet braced against the step.

Ab Workout #2 is from Cross Train Xpress Power Circuit workout. This segment is around 11 minutes and broken down into three distinct parts. Part 1 is plank work. First elbow plank work and straight arm plank work. Part 2 is supermans and you are working the lower back. Part 3 is traditional ab work. You are doing upper, oblique and lower crunches.

Ab Workout #3 is from Cross Train Express Kickbox.  This workout starts out with planks and then comes plank knee pull.  This is followed by reverse planks, roll ups, reverse crunch, oblique side crunch, crunch variation and c-curve balance. This workout is around 12 minutes.

Ab Workout #4 from BodyMax clocks in at 8 minutes and it uses a step.  Lots of crunches in this workout - basic crunch variation, oblique crunches, lower ab crunches and crunch holds.

Ab Workout #5 is from Slow & Heavy series Chest, Back and Abs. This abs segment is 7 minutes in length. This segment consist of supermans and planks.

Ab Workout #6 is from Slow & Heavy series Triceps, Biceps, & Abs.  The workout clocks in at 8  minutes and features an upper crunch series that include toss the ball, oblique variation, and reverse crunches.

The next ab workout is from Cross Train Xpress: All Steps workout.  It is 9 minutes long.  The segment contains the following moves:  standard crunches, oblique angle, heel up. leg out, climb the rope, and reverse crunches.

Step Heat Ab Workout #8 contains 7 minutes of traditional ab moves (upper body crunch variation, oblique work and reverse crunches.  This segment is included in the Bonus Abs section of the DVD.

Ab Workout #9 is part of the Bonus Abs section. It is a 6 minute workout and comes from Power Hour.  Standard crunches, obliques, reverse crunches, bicycles, and planks are the exercises.

Ab Workout #10 is also part of the Bonus Abs section. It clocks in at 9 minutes and comes from Cross Train Xpress Leaner Legs.  This workout starts with reverse crunches, moves into oblique work and then goes into lots of crunch variations using different rhythm counts and positions.

Ab Workout #11 hails from Pure Strength Strong Legs & Abs. It is 6 minutes in length , uses a step as a prop and it located in the bonus section.  Exercises are crunch variations, lower crunch, elevators + hold, and oblique crunches.

Ab Workout #12 is a bonus ab workout. It is 10 minutes in length and it is from Pure Strength
Back, Biceps & Abs.  Upper crunches, knee in and out, leg out, climb rope, reverse crunches, oblique variations, spinal erector (swimmers and supermans) are the exercises.

The DVD Menu
Play Entire Program
Chapters - 7 workouts are listed
Mix & Match - further breaks down each ab section within each workout.

  • Power Circuit Planks/Step Heat - 10.5 minutes
  • Power Circuit Planks/ Body Max - 12 min
  • S&H/Triceps/Kickbox planks - 13 min
  • MIS/S&H/Chest (planks only) - 13.5 min
  • Leaner Legs/Kickbox Plnaks - 14.5 min
  • All Step /Power Hour - 15.5 min
  • PS Legs&Abs/S&H Chest & Back - 14.5 min
Bonus Abs
  • Step Heat - 7 min
  • Power Hour - 6 min
  • Leaner Legs - 9 min
  • Pure Strength Legs - 7 min
  • Pure Strength Back - 10.5 min
3 & 1/2 stars

Friday, May 1, 2020

May 2020 Monthly Rotation

May 2020 Monthly Rotation

Welcome to May 2020.
Well I am hoping to start using my pool. It is has been a bit cool and a bit rainy. Hopefully it will warm up and dry out so I can use it.

As far as workouts, it is all about Cathe.

Sunday - Treadmill Walk/Run - Stretch
Monday - PHA1 and Abs
Tuesday - 4 Day Split Cardio
Wednesday - PHA2 and Abs
Thursday - Fit Split Cardio
Friday - PHA3 & Abs
Saturday - Rest day/Pool day