Sunday, September 17, 2017

Navy 5 Miler Race - Sunday September 17, 2017

This morning I ran the Navy 5 Miler race.  In addition to beating last year's time, I ran the whole thing without stopping. It was a tad on the humid side but other than that it was a great day for a run.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jennifer Galardi Ballet Body - Thoughts

Ballet Body is a 65 minute workout let by Jennifer Galardi.  In this workout Jennifer takes you through 5 distinct segments that contain ballet, pilates and yoga exercises.

The DVD menu offers the following options:
Play Entire Workout
Choose Your Workout

In Choose Your Workout, you have the option of selecting to do the Warm Up. Strength, Balance and Length, Floor Bare, and finally Stretch.

The Warm up clocks in at 12:41 and is really more than a warm up. The warm up includes a dance conditioning sequences traveling plie series. I love the music used in the warm up.

The Strength segment clocks in at around 13:06.  This part of the workout uses a set of weights to work the upper body. The strength segment also includes plies, releves, standing abs, curtsy squats and roll downs. I did not care for the music in this segment but the exercises were fine.

Balance and Length contain standing exercises that include a balance element. Jennifer also includes a yoga sequence. Downward dawg, triceps push ups, cat cow, and vinyasa are some of the exercises included in the yoga sequence. Nice music in this segment.  Run time for Balance and Length is 13:44.

Floor  Barre clocks in at 11:13 and this was one of my favorite segments of the workout. From the seated position, Jennifer takes you through a series of  floor based barre-style moves.  There is a lying side series as well as a seated straddle series. 

The stretch segments comes in at around 12 and half minutes and it is floor based.  Each stretch is held for an extended period giving you plenty of time to work through each stretch. In this stretch segment, Jennifer stretches the lower body, the upper body and she ends with meditation.

Along with Jennifer, there are two other cast participants.  One participant does show modifications.
I really like this workout. It is a long workout if you do the entire workout. Next time I do it, I will pick and choose segments.

Ballet Body - 4 stars

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD - Thoughts

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD is a 59 minute workout.  The DVD offers the following menu options:
     Mat Intro
     Mat Routine
     Gwyneth Interview - MAT
     Tracy Main Interview
     Back to Man

In the MAT routine, Tracy takes you through a series of movements that work the legs. butt, arms, and abdominals.  Tracy hits the legs twice. First in a barre/chair sequence and later in the workout in a floor mat sequence.
Like most of Tracy's workouts, the leg and butt segments are easy to follow because they are more structured and Tracy cues them very well.
The arms and standing abs segments are less easy to follow because the cuing is not as precise or it is non-existent.  Essentially you are just following along.
There is a floor abs segment that Tracy cues well enough so that you can do the exercises as she does them.
The workout does contain a warm up and cool down.
Excellent soundtrack and nice set.  The equipment includes a set of 3 lbs weights, a mat and a chair.

3 & 1/2 stars

Friday, September 1, 2017

September 2017 Monthly Rotation

September 2017
It is all almost fall.  I have three races scheduled over the next two months, plus I will be attending the Cathe Daytona Trip.
So in anticipation of that, most of my workouts for September will be Cathe workouts.

Sunday - Treadmill/Road race
Monday - Tracy Anderson/Jennifer Galardi
Tuesday - Cardio Karate
Wednesday - Cathe Metabolic Strength
Thursday - Cathe Metabolic Cardio
Friday - Cathe Metabolic Circuit
Saturday - Classical Stretch Season 9

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tony Horton P90 Speed Series - Thoughts

Continuing with the P90 workout system, the next disc we will talk about is the Speed Series DVD.
This DVD contains the following workouts:
Speed Sculpt
Speed Sweat
Speed Abs
Horton's Greatest Hits

Speed Sculpt clocks in at around 25 minutes.  Tony starts the workout with his standard warm up. After the warm up, Tony takes you through two rounds of seven exercises.  Like the other workouts, each exercise is time and the times vary. For resistance, Tony has you using your own bodyweight, the bands or dumbbells.  There is a brief one minute cool down.

Speed Sweat clocks in at around 24 minutes.  There is a warm up and two rounds of exercises. There are 8 moves per round and they are timed.  The Speed Sweat workout moves right into the Speed Abs workouts.  There is not a cool down. 

Speed Abs clocks in at 6:55.  There are 5 moves and you are performing each move for a minute. Most of the moves in this workout are performed in the prone or plank position.

Horton's Greatest Hits features some of Tony's favorite moves. It is a body weight workout.  No equipment used.  Tony takes you through two rounds of 11 exercises in each round.  You repeat the same 11 exercises per round. You get a 30 second break between the rounds. The workout runs around 34 minutes.

Tony Horton P90 Saturday Special - Thoughts

Saturday Special clocks in just under 25 minutes.  It is a cardio core workout that takes you through a series of body weight moves. There are a total of 16 moves that are timed based.
Tony did not preview any of the moves (like he did in the sculpt workouts) and I wish he had for this particular workouts because some of the names of the moves you had no idea what you were doing until you saw Tony and the team perform one or two reps.
There is a lot of going down to the floor and getting up because there are a lot of floor based moves. Tony gives you a 30 second break 1/2 way through. 

3 & 1/4 stars

Monday, August 21, 2017

Tony Horton P90 Disc C - Thoughts

P90 Disc C are your month three workouts in the P90 workout systems.
The DVD menu offers the following options:
Sculpt C
Sweat C
Ab Ripper C
Subtitles Off/On

Sculpt C clocks in at around 44 minutes.  The warm up is a bit longer on the Sculpt C workout than it was in either Sculpt B or Sculpt A.

After the warm up, Tony takes you through three rounds of  seven exercises.  As you move through each round, Tony targets a particular muscle group. For instances, the first exercise in each of the rounds targets the chest, the second exercise the back, the third the legs etc. Each of the exercises are timed. The times vary. There is a 30 second break between the rounds. The workout concludes with a 2 minute cool down.

Sweat C is around 37 minutes.  In Sweat C, you have a warm up, two rounds of exercises and a cool down.  Each of the rounds feature the same 12 exercises.  The exercises are a mixture of athletics and MMA moves and they are timed and the times vary.

Ab Ripper C clocks in at 14:37.  Ab Ripper C builds on Ab Ripper B. Ab Ripper C features the same exercise in Ab Ripper B plus 5 more.  So there are 20 exercises in Ab Ripper C.  For each exercise you are doing 10 reps.

For all the three workouts. there is a beginner modifier.  You also have the option to to turn the music off for each of the workouts.  In the "C" workouts, Tony mentions quite a few times that P90 is preparing you for the P90X, P90X2  and P90X3 workouts.

Sculpt C - 3 & 1/2 stars
Sweat C - 3 & 3/4 stars
Ab Ripper C - 3 & 1/2 stars