Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zumba Ripped - Thoughts

The total Zumba Ripped workout is 60 minutes, but the workout is divided into two 30 minute parts.

The first part Zumba Toning is led by Jani Roberts, Beto Perez and Pamela Soccoro. They take turns teaching certain parts of the workout. I like the new instructors and thought they did a good job with their cuing and their energy.

This part of the workout uses the Zumba Toning sticks. The toning sticks that come with the workouts are 1 1/2lbs. You can purchase the 2 1/2 lbs at the Zumba website. The 2 1/2lbs sticks are $24.95. I thought about getting them but then shipping and handling would have been $8.50. So I passed. I didn't really care for the sticks as a toning tool but they do add a bit of pizazz to the routine. They rattle.

The breakdown for Zumba Toning:

Nunca Me Viste - Warm Up - Latin Disco

Get Your Sticks - House (Biceps and Abs)

La Luz Del Flow - Merengue/Hip Hop (Legs, Shoulders, and Back)

Te Estoy Amando - Cumbia Salsa (Back)

Con Movimiento - Reggaeton (Abs, Chest, Shoulders)

Vamos DJ - Congo Hip Hop (Triceps)

Love the music, love the dancing. I was not crazy about the toning.

Zumba Sentao is the second workout. This workout has the two sections - Learn It and Feel It.

It uses a Chair and this workout is led by Beto Perez and Marcie Gill. Zumba Sentao also uses a voice over in the Learn It section. I do not like the voice over.

Breakdown for Sentao:

Besito E Caramelo - Reggaeton Cumbia

Echa Pa'Lante - Bellydance Reggaeton (Tricep and Abs)

Contigo - Salsa Reggaeton (Lunge and Courtesy Dips)

Tonto No - Reggaeton Tropical (Shoulder, Legs and Obliques)

Sabes Que Te Gusta Bailar - Swing (Abs and Cardio) This was my favorite section

Zumba Lluvia - Cool Down New Age

Again love the music, love the dancing and I was not crazy about the toning although I think I like the toning slightly better in Zumba Sentao than in Zumba Toning. Surprisingly working with the chair didn't bug me.

3 stars


  1. Does the first Zumba toning section have the voice over cuing?

  2. No.
    It is regular cuing. They are three instructors each contributes to the cuing.

  3. I just tried this DVD and I really enjoyed it! The Sentao part was my favorite! It was nice to add the chair to the workout as a different approach to Zumba.

  4. This is kind of old now so no one will probally see it, but my set didn't come with Zumba Sentao. The DVDs previewed use of chairs and they speak of it but that section is not on any DVD in my 2011 CD set, I feel cheated!

    1. I have the same issue with the 2012 CD set. It makes me feel like I am missing out on half my work out.